ViaVia Buenos Aires is a nice place located within the historical district of the city. Perfect for planning your next steps to Patagonia or our rich North. A great place to meet and make new friends and connect with others. The whole team is like a big ViaVia family: Ricardo, Puntu, Guadalupe and Santiago. Dedicated and proactive to collaborate with those travelers who visits us.


In ViaVia Buenos Aires we offer two different menus:

During the day we offer a special executive, healthy and variable menu.

During the evenings we offer a variable menu with plates and tapas from all over the world from Mexico, United States, Belgium, Mediterranean and Argentina.

Our principle plates:

* Argentine steak, this is a typical Argentine dish. A steak of 400gr accompanied with potatoes. This is an ideal dish for everyone who wants to try the Argentine taste of meat.

* Italian ravioli with cream of mushrooms, a delicious ravioli stuffed with pumpkin, accompanied with a cream sauce of mushrooms, black olives, onion and sun dried tomatoes.

* Caesar salad, this is a classic salad with lettuce, eggs, chicken, croutons, bacon and caesar sauce.


* ViaVia Buenos Aires elaborates with Viandas VLIGHT: it offers a wide variety of menus designed for the people who needs help, who does not have time to cook or just wants to eat healthy. Our customers make their orders through Viandas Vlight.

* Dining in company: Since more than one year we cook everyday in the homebase of ‘Suizo Argentina’ for more than 180 persons. Every month we provide them with a healthy and balanced menu for all the employees. All those days our main goal is to connect people and our clients who wants to share these moments with each other.

* Bar & Tapas

* Hostel

Here, in the ViaVia, we give special attention to art. As a result, our menu is something unique. Every 6 months, we have a new beautiful painting on our menu. At this moment, you can enjoy the wonderful painting of Esteban Swinnen. If you want to see more of his paintings, you can visit his website.



Nueva carta 2017


Our hostel is located in the heart of San Telmo, a few meters of the most important tourist destinations: the historical comic walk, faculty of engineering, el Viejo Almacén, Casa Mínima, Pasaje San Lorenzo, Zanjón de Granados, Mercado de San Telmo, Plaza Dorrego,… Many of these destinations are located just 100 meters away from the ViaVia Hostel. This area is one of the oldest and most traditional and historical of all the areas and also the headquarters of the tango. On the first floor you can find the hostel with 5 rooms and 3 shared bathrooms.

In our hostel you can find the following amenities:

* Bedsheets

* Heating

* Fans

* Breakfast included

* Free WiFi

* Kitchenette with hot and cold drinking water, kitchen utensils and a microwave oven

* Computer

* Washing machine

* Library (the most complete Belgian library of Argentina)

The rooms:

* 1 room with a double bed

* 1 room with 2 single beds

* 2 rooms with 3 beds

* 1 room with 4 beds


Double bedroom: 30 dollars per night

Dorm (3/4 beds): 15 dollars per night per person

All these prices are including breakfast.

• Check-in: Monday until Friday from 11:00 and Saturday between 10:00 and 11:00

• Check-out: 10:00

• Breakfast: Monday until Friday from 8.30 and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 until 11:00


Phone: +5491143007259

Whatsapp: +5491166600900 (Ricardo)

e-mail: buenosaires@viavia.world







Conseils de voyage

A couple of years ago we began to collaborate with Say Hueque Tours. Created in 1999, Say Hueque Tours Argentina is a travel company based in Buenos Aires, which organizes group tours and tailor-made tours for travelers from all over the world.

Their most famous journeys are in Patagonia, Buenos Aires, Iguazu Waterfalls, Mendoza, Salta and Atacama. But, they can organize your ideal trip, according to your style, favorite destinations, your budget and your available time.

Say Hueque is situated in the same street as our ViaVia Hostel, allowing a good and direct contact with our passengers.

Also from ViaVia we offer some daily trips:

Bike tours, Delta aventura, Chef for one day, Caminata historica and tango lessons.

You can learn the historic story of San Telmo through some of the most interesting tourist destinations:

* Paseo de la historieta: this street circuit through the districts of Monserrat, San Telmo and Puerto Madero are a tribute to the main characters from the Argentine comic strip: Mafalda, Patoruzú, Isidoro, Clemente y Gaturro, …

* Facultad de Ingeniería: seat in Paseo Colón: this building, from the middle of the twentieth century, was built by the Foundation María Eva Duarte de Perón, but its founder died in 1952 and she never used her offices. After the Presidency of Juan Domingo Perón, the building was reformed as a Faculty of the University of Buenos Aires. The construction is a replica of the building of the Faculty of law in Recoleta, in a monumental and neo-classical style, typical for that time.

* El viejo Almacén: this old department store was built in the year 1798. In 1969 it was purchased by the famous tango vocalist Edmundo Rivero and changed it into one of the most important tango city halls.

* La casa Mínima: with less than 2.5 metres frontage, from the beginning of the 19 century, this building is known as the narrowest house in the city.

* Pasaje San Lorenzo: the majority of the buildings flanking the two blocks of this street date back to the middle of the 19th century and the first years of the 20th. In this street you can visit the Gallery Los Patios de San Telmo (now owned by a Fleming), a typical house from the 18th century, with artists ‘ studios and artists.

* Mercado de San Telmo: buy antiques, or toys from days gone by, mangoes from Formosa, special spices, Patagonian pâté or drink a coffee. It’s all possible on this one place: the fair of San Telmo. Incredible how the spirit of the first markets here is preserved in Buenos Aires. Minutes of the Obelisk, with typical Italian facades and spacious interiors, this market is a must both for the residents of the area as for the hundreds of daily tourists.

* Plaza Dorrego: this is where the street market takes place every Sunday in San Telmo and is one of the most walking destinations of the inhabitants of Buenos Aires. Numerous sales stalls give this place an air of sophisticated antique flea market. Located in the middle of the San Telmo district, many of these houses from the 19th century transformed into cafés and antique shops (typical for the street Defensa) or created one. The bars put tables on the street and it is one of the most artistic environments of the city. The Plaza is of historical importance because, here in 1816 to the people of Buenos Aires announced that several months before independence was already in Tucumán was proclaimed.

Our personnel is always willing to provide you information. They are also travelers who work here for a limited time or native Argentines.



I am Julie and I am doing my internship here in Via Via Hostel. During my 4 months here in Buenos Aires I want to discover the city and the people. Because of my desire to travel I explored a lot of this big city and I was more than happy to write everything down. With all the information and experiences I had I made 5 daily trips with all the highlights of Buenos Aires. I also went to Patagonia and the north of Argentina. From these trips I also made an overview with recommendations, activities and hours in the same way I did for the daily trips.
10. Salta
Also Guadaloupe went to Patagonia and wrote her whole experience down with a lot of pictures.

Comment s’y rendre

Depuis l’aéroport international d’Ezeiza

L’aéroport international d’Ezeiza, « Pistarini » est à environ 30 km de Buenos Aires. De là, vous pouvez prendre un taxi jusqu’à San Telmo (comptez 45 minutes). Il faut mieux prendre un taxi dans l’aéroport, et pas à l’extérieur. Vous pouvez également utiliser la société Manuel Tienda bus Leon qui vous emmène dans le centre. Une autre alternative est le bus 8, il vous laissera à quelques rues de notre hôtel, mais le voyage prend beaucoup plus de temps (environ 2/3 heures).

De l’aéroport national Aeoparque (Jorge Newberry)

Si vous venez d’une autre destination domestique, la plupart du temps vous arriverez à l’aéroport national Aeroparque «Jorge Newberry». De là, vous pouvez prendre un taxi à l’auberge ViaVia. Prenez toujours ceux marqués «Radio Taxi», et assurez-vous que le taxi utilise son compteur. Il vous faudra environ 30 minutes pour arriver à l’auberge.

Manuel Tienda Leon dispose également d’un service de navette de l’aéroport au centre ville. Cela vous prendra environ 30 minutes pour arriver au centre, un peu plus aux heures de pointe. Ces navettes partent toutes les demi-heure de l’aéroport.

Il existe plusieurs bus locaux qui s’arrêtent devant l’aéroport national, par exemple la ligne 130 vous laissera très proche de l’auberge ( le prendre sur l’avenida Paseo Colon).