Welcome to ViaVia Ayacucho!

Located at the central square Plaza de Armas we offer you a unique panoramic view and a menu filled with plates elaborated with local ingredients, such as quinoa and alpaca, as well as world dishes like Belgian stew. Try our delicious cocktails at the bar such as chilcano de coca or aguaymanto. Travel around the world in one of our 20 thematic rooms. Or treat yourself with our homemade ice cream! Or one of our Belgiqan beers !

ViaVia believes in social responsibility and promote fair wages, organize trainings for our staff, think about the environment (solar panels, recycling, water barrel, …) and use local products.

Curious to see how travellers experience ViaVia Ayacucho? Take a look at the video!

Our 3 favorite plates:

1. Quinua Chola

2. Santa causa con saltado de Alpaca

3. Belgian stew

Places not to miss:

1. Quinua town, its handicraft and la Pampa

2. Circamarca’s crystal clear water

3. Bosque de Piedras de Huaracas


Our restaurants offers dishes made with the finest local ingredients such as quinoa, alpaca meat, avocado, trout, etc. You can also enjoy some international dishes like Belgian stew made with beer! Our bar serves a big variety of juices and drinks made with fresh products. Try our chilcano made with coca! Or one of our Belgian beers!

In ViaVia every plate is served with a smile. Excellent service and good products is what we stand for.

We accept cash, VISA and MASTERCARD debit or credit cards.

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1. Rates 2021 (with the exception of Semana Santa):

S/. 130 single room

S/. 190 double room (1 queensize bed)

S/. 200 twin room (2 double beds)

S/. 280 family room (1 queensize bed and 2 single beds)

S/. 50 extra bed (1 single bed)

The price includes breakfast, taxes and service.

2. Rooms & Services

Each room has a unique size and is decorated according to a place in the world. Every room has a private bathroom with hot water, satelite tv and Wi-Fi.

We also offer the following services:

  • Laundry service
  • Room service
  • Luggage storing
  • Tourist information

3. Check in and out



Should you arrive before 1 PM and the bedroom is occupied, we will have to ask you to wait until the previous visitors have checked out. Meanwhile, you are welcome in our reception room or patio to sit back and relax. If you prefer to go out on an adventure, you can leave your luggage in our storage room. If you leave after 11 AM, you can leave your luggage there as well.

EARLY CHECK IN: 5 AM until 12 AM at 50% of the rate according to availability

LATE CHECK OUT: 12 PM until 10 PM at 50% of the rate according to availability

4. Deposit

To confirm your booking we kindly request a 50% deposit

A. Via transfer

You can deposit the money into the account of ViaVia Cafe Ayacucho SAC ( ruc 20494478332)

BBVBA Continental: 011 0202 0100005008 96 or IBAN 011 202 00 0100005008 96

BCP: 2202293567063 or IBAN 0022 000 2293567063 22

Please send us the confirmation of the transfer to ayacucho@viavia.world.

B. Via creditcard

You can also pay by creditcard using our secure website

In case of a cancellation we will return your deposit minus 10% for administrative costs when you cancel more than 7 days prior to the check in date. In case the cancellation is done in less than 7 days there will be no refund.

In case you do not show up before 6PM the day of your booking, we will automatically cancel your booking. If you wish to maintain your booking please send us an email or give us a phone call. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a refund for the night(s) you did not stay at our ViaVia.

Conseils de voyage

Our ViaVia is located in the magnificent colonial city of Ayachucho, at 2800 meters in the Andes.

The city has an historic centre with over 33 colonial churches, mansions and a beautiful Plaza de Armas .

Moreover, it is known for its abundance of handicraft (fabrics, ceramics, stone sculpture of Huamanga) and its richness in music and folk festivals. Visit the craft market of Sha Negaso or the central market 28 Julio to find crafts and local products. Do not miss out on the Museum of Memory to find out more about the 1980s conflict. Take a look at the retablo museum Casa Museo Joaquín López Antay or follow one of their workshops.

In addition to its beautiful landscapes, Ayacucho and its surrounding area offer culture, history, adventure sports and much more:

Quinua (1 hour)

On the road to Quinua you can find the archaeological remains of Wari and its museum. This heartwarming village of Quinua is inhabited by some masters of ceramic crafts. In Quinua’s pampa you can admire the obelisk, which represents the battle of independence, and you can discover the eucalyptus forest by horse. When you leave Quinua, you can visit the thermal baths of Colpa in Acos Vinchos, where you can make a beautiful walk towards a waterfall.

Huanta (1 hour)

La Esmeralda de los Andes (The Emerald of the Andes) is another way to refer to the charming city of Huanta. On the road you can visit the Pikimachay cave where you can find the remains of the first humans. Huanta is known for its pleasant climate, ancient mansions and the Convento Sagrado Corazón de Jesús and its watchtower. Don’t forget to taste the “cuy chactado” (guinea pig) in one of the Luricocha resorts.

Bosque de Piedras de Huaraca (1.5 hours)

This wonderful place is located at an altitude of 4000 metros. Here you can find hundred of rock formations of incongruous shapes, which are believed to be shaped by the wind and rain. After a fascinating walk, you will reach a lagoon, ideal for a picnic or camping.

Aguas Circamarca (2,5 hours)

Circamarca’s clear blue water has been a well-kept secret. Be one of the first to discover its dazzling lagoons and peaceful nature.

Vilcashuaman (2,5 hours)

Vilcashuaman treasures a colonial church built on top of the Inca ruins. Half an hour away you will find the archaeological Intihuatana complex, which is located next to the Pumacocha lagoon. Its most surprising feature is the bathroom infrastructure, made out of polished stones and perfectly connected to a system of canals for the circulation of water, which is still in operation. The woods of Puya raimondii (el bosque de puyas de Raymondi) in Titankayocc are also definitely worthwhile.

Cangallo (2 hours)

Half an hour before arriving at Cangallo, you stumble upon Huahuapuquio’s carbonated water, where you can swim in a pool with spectacular views. The Qorimaqma waterfall is a stunning cascade, which squeezes itself through natural rock walls.

Razhuilca (2 hours)

Apu Razuhuillca is located in the north of the Huanta region, north of Ayacucho. The mountain has a height of more than 5000m and used to be always covered in snow. However, recently the snow has disappeared … The mountain hides rivers and lagoons, like the Razuhuillca lagoon, but also llamas and alpacas that enjoy nature’s peacefulness.

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ViaVia Ayacucho: Portal Constitución 4, Plaza de Armas

Coming from Lima:

• by plane: 1 hour (with LATAM, SKY)

• by bus: 8 to 9 hours (with Cruz del Sur, Palomino, Movil tours)

• by taxi: 8 hours following the Via Libertadores from San Clemente (Panamericana)

Coming from Cusco:

• by bus: 14 to 16 hours with minibus or bus (with stopover in Andahualas)

• by car: 14 hours passing Abancay and Andahualas