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Dear Guests,

when traveling to Uganda, the city of Entebbe is most probably your gate to this wonderful country. Right at the heart of the city, ViaVia is unmistakably the coziest option to start your long-awaited trip. We also offer a wide collection of tissues for tears of goodbye when heading back home.

ViaVia sure is an affordable and cosy alternative for your overnight stay. Add our top-notch hammocks, dazzling garden and delicious healthy food to the mix, and you have a truly heartwarming experience that’s very hard to beat.

Our notorious campfires make the ideal meeting place for people from across the globe. And while we have an excellent internet connection at the bar, reception and restaurant, our large population of birds doesn’t need any 4G to twitter twit all day long. ViaVia is a home away from home, but then slightly better! We even have romantic sunsets on request.

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From freshly made smoothies and local beers to some good old Ugandan coffee: our beloved bar has it all.

On today’s menu you will always find fresh and healthy food, spiced with world flavors. Start the day with our signature hearty breakfast, have lunch and get surprised by our international and Ugandan cuisine.

If you’re lucky, you can share dessert with the resident monkeys playing in the trees while you’re relaxing on our outside terrace or in one of our hammocks.

Breakfast is served from 7 am till 10:30 am. The kitchen waits for late night arrivals as well!

ViaVia Menu 2022


With 18 rooms overlooking the garden, all self-contained with lodge-style mosquito nets and a private terrace, we offer outstanding quality starting from 50 USD. We also have three stunning tents that are fully-equipped and have everything guests need for a glamping experience. Our pristine laundry service and luggage storage solutions make for an even smoother holiday experience and thanks to our great internet connection, your dear followers won’t have to miss a single tweet.

Traveling on a tight budget? Try the dormitory or pick a spot in our spacious green garden under a mango or jackfruit tree to set up your tent or to park your overland car! Prices from 10 to 20 USD.

Consejos de viaje

Uganda is a safe and wonderful touristic destination, endless to discover. Get overwhelmed by the stunning nature and wildlife, the cultural diversity within its boundaries and the typical warm hospitality. ViaVia Adventures can help you organize your trip!

Entebbe is a positive respite from the Kampala chaos and it has lots of things to discover itself. You can visit Entebbe by bodaboda, bicycle or even on foot.

Highlights around Entebbe:

⁃ Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

⁃ Entebbe Botanical Gardens

⁃ Sesse Islands

⁃ Shoebill Mabamba Swamp

⁃ Chimp Sanctuary on Ngamba Island

⁃ Entebbe Market (every Tuesday and Saturday)

⁃ Golf Course

You can download our Activity Magazine for more inspiration and activities you can plan during your stay in ViaVia Entebbe!

Highlights in Uganda:

⁃ Famous mountain gorillas and chimpanzees visit

⁃ Wildlife in several National Parks and Game Reserves: Murchison Falls, Rhino Sanctuary, Lake Mburo, Queen Elisabeth, Kidepo, Rwenzori, Kibale, Mgahinga

⁃ Adventure on the Nile in Jinja

⁃ Sipi Falls & Mount Elgon

⁃ Cultural tours in Kampala

⁃ Fort Portal with crater lakes, cultural tours and the Semliki Valley

⁃ Lake Bunyoni

⁃ Sabinyo & Gahinga volcano

⁃ Homestays

⁃ and much more

Visit our travel corner on the spot or contact us for advice, tailor made tours or trips off the beaten track!

If you need a rental car, we recommend Roadtrip Uganda.

Sobre nostros

ViaVia Entebbe was founded at the end of 2016 by Pieter, Lobke and Steven, finding the right Belgian and Ugandan ingredients to shake the cocktail until it bustles, inspires and invites.

ViaVia is a meeting place in Entebbe for locals, expats and travelers. The aim is to be an open space for innovation, for social and sustainable entrepreneurship, a place for musicians to jam, a space for poets to perform, for children to play, birds to fly and monkeys to eat fruits, a place where you can forge plans, where people can create, dream and try out … ViaVia Entebbe is embedded in the local environment and reinforces the community. We have a focus on sustainable tourism to create adventure, a positive impact on the community, environment and economy, stimulating cultural exchange and responsible traveling.

We would like to share the beauty of Uganda with you. We will operate as passionate guides to let you discover the most interesting places in the surroundings of Entebbe and Uganda.

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