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A haven of peace in the lively centre of Yoff, where you can enjoy a delicious meal and a refreshing drink. Welcome to our ViaVia!

ViaVia Dakar is located in Yoff, in the historic residential area of the Lebou fishing community and the Layene fraternity known for its mausoleum on the beach. It is situated 3 km from the Leopold Sedar Senghor airport, 20 km from the centre of Dakar and 500 m from the beach.

The inn has 8 rooms with a private bathroom, 2 dormitories and 2 rooms with a shared bathroom.


The ViaVia restaurant lets you taste different dishes from every corner of the world.

The menu offers a wide choice, ranging from spaghetti bolognese to fish or vegetarian dishes and our well-known ViaVia burger.

On average, main meal prices cost about 4500 FCFA (€7), tapas cost about 1500 FCFA (€2) and burgers cost about 3500 FCFA (€5).


We offer different kind of rooms

• Double rooms with bathroom: 28 000 FCFA / night / breakfast included

• Single room with bathroom: 17 000 FCFA / night / breakfast included

• Double rooms with shared bathroom: 22 000 FCFA / night / breakfast included

• Single room with shared bathroom: 12 000 FCFA / night / breakfast included

• Dormitory with shared bathroom: 9500 FCFA / night / person / breakfast included

Group rate or association on request.

All rooms have a fan and Wi-Fi.

Additional 5000 FCA / night for a room with air conditioning.

Consejos de viaje

We organise trips for small groups, families or individual travellers who seek to enjoy a unique experience. Our travels will let you see, taste, smell a part of Senegal.

You will be immersed in the secrets, traditions and culture, while respecting and caring about the environment and the local population.

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