How to get there

How to get to ViaVia Café Valparaiso:

From Plaza Anibal Pinto (3 minutes):

Walk 3 minutes up via Almirante Montt, share a colectivo (CLP280/US$0.50) or take a taxi (CLP1.000/US$2). You can also walk up via Cumming and then use the Reina Victoria city elevator (CLP100/US$0.25) and get in through our entrance on Pasaje Dimalow.

From the bus terminal (10-15minutes):

Hop on a microbus with destination Aduana (CLP300/US0.6), Get off at Bellavista, walk to Anibal Pinto and walk up Almirante Montt.

From the national airport (2,5 hours):

Buy a Turbus ticket to the terminal ‘Pajaritos’ just after the baggage and visa clearance. At the ‘Pajaritos’ terminal buy a Turbus or Pullmann bus ticket to Valparaiso. They are very comfortable and not expensive at all (CLP5.000/US$10). On the bus they will ask you where you want to get off. Just say ‘al terminal de Valparaiso’.

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