The home of ViaVia Cafe is an Art Deco house on the Valparaiso hill Cerro Alegre that has been carefully restored. The Hotel offers 5 comfortable and clean rooms, each with heating and a private bathroom with solar power heated water. The restaurant has a lovely green patio and a typical Valparaiso view of some ocean and the hills. The owners are Belgian and would like to introduce you to the Belgian cuisine with an international twist served with a Belgian Beer or a Chilean wine. ViaVia Café Valparaíso is the perfect meeting place for travelers and all people who want to discover and experience Valparaiso in all its diversity.


Our restaurant is located on Cerro Alegre, 20 meters from Cerro Concepcion, in the UNESCO world heritage site of the port of Valparaíso. We have a nice green patio where you can enjoy one of the prettiest murals of Valparaíso.

Taste the best of different worlds. In our restaurant, we serve Belgian dishes, Chilean classics and international food. But the real stars are our Belgian beers! Enjoy our charming green terrace and relax.

A few of our top dishes:

Brussels Waffles

These light and crispy waffles from Brussels, the capital of Belgium, are internationally renowned. We brought a professional waffle iron from Belgium to introduce the real Brussels waffle in Valparaiso.

Beer stew with Belgian fries

The ViaVia Cafe’s classic dish: slow cooked beef in a spicy beer sauce, served with hand cut fries that are baked twice until crispy in vegetable oil.

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All rooms have a private bathroom with solar heated water. The rooms kept their original wooden floor and metal framed windows. To keep you warm, we installed double glass and a stove. The perfect place to spend the cold winter or warm summer of Valqaraíso. A large breakfast with good coffee, fresh fruits and bread is included.

The rooms, prices start at 55USD per room, breakfast included. Winter discounts (May-October)!

El Jardín

Room with 2 beds and a view of the hotel terrace. It includes a private bathroom with an original round window.


Spacious room with a large double bed and semi-curved windows. It has a balcony that gives a nice view of the Bell, the Aconcagua and the ocean.

La Campana

This room features a double bed. It includes a large bathroom and a spacious shower. The room overlooks La Campana, El Aconcagua and some of the bay.


This room comes with 1 single bed (size of 1,5pers). The private bathroom is next to the room. Balcony, that’s made on the roof of the kitchen, overlooks the Huerto.


A small designer loft with a double bed in a separate bedroom and 2 single beds in the living room. The loft is equipped with bathroom and kitchen.The loft has a delicious green terrace with partial view of the bay. The loft is located underneath the restaurant with its original wooden floor, it is possible you hear some footsteps from above.

Travel tips

Valparaiso is a Chilean port town at an hour’s drive of Chile’s capital, Santiago de Chile. In 2003, UNESCO declared part of the extraordinary city to be world heritage. “Valpo” is also the cultural capital of Chile. Poets such as Pablo Neruda, singers, artists and bohemians have made it their home. People who visit San Pedro de Atacame (North), Santiago (the capital) and Torres del Paine (Patagonia, South) also consider Valparaiso a must see and do.

Main reasons to visit are the town’s unique landscape, the remains of the glorious past as a main Pacific port, cultural happenings and heritage, its bars and restaurants and the bohemian vibe. And of course the Pacific Ocean, Valparaiso’s reason to be.

The surroundings tempt you to spent a day in the fishing village of Quintay, hike La Campana Natural Reserve, visit a winery in Casablanca or spent a day in Valparaiso’s twin sister Viña Del Mar

  1. The city’s elevators.

    They are world heritage. The most spectacular ones are Artillería, Polanco, El Peral and very close to the hotel, Reina Victoria.

  2. Visit the harbour and the historic city center.

    Explore the old city center. Admire Valparaiso’s geography, structure and chaos from a boat.

  3. The vegetable and fruit market on Avenida Argentina (Wednesdays and Saturdays) and the market “El Mercado Cardonal”.

    A large offer of fresh fruits and vegetables in a cosy and cheerful disorder.

  4. Visit the cemeteries and the Ex-prison.

    The tombs show the past luxury and part of family histories. Visit the ex-cárcel. This old prison is now a cultural center.

  5. La Sebastiana (the house of Pablo Neruda) and the Open Air museum.

    Get to know the eclectic house of poet and Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda Visit the open air museum and admire the original graffiti on Bellavista hill.

  6. Discover downtown from a trolleybus.
  7. Ride the ‘O’ microbus (microbús 612) and have a spectacular 20 minutes’ trip trough the hills of Valparaiso.
  8. Discover the Bohemia of Valparaíso

    Have a drink in the bars in the typical Porteño areas

  9. Valparaiso Street Art

    A mix of unique, sophisticated and colourful street art is to be found in every street. You even may have the chance to see the masters at work…

Our staff would be happy providing you with all possible information on Valparaiso’s must do!

About host

Gerrit & Lídice, jointly with all the ViaVia Cafe team will be with you to make your stay in Valparaiso, a memorable experience!


To achieve our sustainability goals we are working on several aspects:

  • We have solar panels to heat the water for the hotel and restaurant, auxiliary system with gas
  • We recycle part or our organic waste and all glass bottles, paper and used kitchen oils
  • We train our staff to reduce our carbon footprint
  • We try to consume less water and electricity in a region that has a water shortage in summer
  • We use plants in our garden that need less water

How to get there

How to get to ViaVia Café Valparaiso:

From Plaza Anibal Pinto (3 minutes):

Walk 3 minutes up via Almirante Montt, share a colectivo (CLP280/US$0.50) or take a taxi (CLP1.000/US$2). You can also walk up via Cumming and then use the Reina Victoria city elevator (CLP100/US$0.25) and get in through our entrance on Pasaje Dimalow.

From the bus terminal (10-15minutes):

Hop on a microbus with destination Aduana (CLP300/US0.6), Get off at Bellavista, walk to Anibal Pinto and walk up Almirante Montt.

From the national airport (2,5 hours):

Buy a Turbus ticket to the terminal ‘Pajaritos’ just after the baggage and visa clearance. At the ‘Pajaritos’ terminal buy a Turbus or Pullmann bus ticket to Valparaiso. They are very comfortable and not expensive at all (CLP5.000/US$10). On the bus they will ask you where you want to get off. Just say ‘al terminal de Valparaiso’.

E-mail travel directions