ViaVia Brussels is a meeting place for locals and city visitors with a common interest in travelling and city culture. The bar has a wide selection of local beers and organic drinks. Organize an event in our venue? Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions on For reservations in the bar you can send an email to Remember we are a bar and not a restaurant.

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There is a red door.

Enter through the door.

You are in a bar.

Look to the left. There is a terrace. Look to the right. There is a terrace.

Enter through the glass wall.

There are drinks behind the bar. Someone might ask what you would like. You might crave a coffee at this ungodly hour. You might feel like a beer. Something Bruxellois? You might just need a glass of red. Some nights you might become king of Scrabble. Some nights you might end up queen of the dance floor.

How to get there

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