ViaVia Reiscafés are meeting places for world travellers. They are the crossroads between east and west, north and south.

In ViaVia you can enjoy a meal from the international cuisine, a refreshing drink and a cosy chat. Share nostalgic memories of journeys past or dream about new horizons…Anything is possible here!

ViaVia Antwerp has been a reputable establishment in the city for almost 20 years.


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Free Wi-Fi throughout the building.

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Talk Nights Antwerp

Talk Nights Antwerp est un event qui est parmi the best language exchange meetups dans le monde entier.

That’s why you should le partager avec vos amis.

De rien in advance and have a très bonne journée! 👋

(ALL languages bienvenu of course 😉 )


Español del mundo por Ingrid Moers


INTENSIEF modulair systeem / NADRUK op S P R E K E N

Info of inschrijven? –>



A mix of Belgian fare and exotic dishes from all corners of the globe!

A high quality menu of our classic dishes (chili con carne, spaghetti bolognaise, pasta pesto and seasonal salad) is supplemented with monthly menu recommendations (meat, chicken and vegetarian) and a fixed 3-course menu at the price of € 35,00.

Plus, an all-day lunch menu of soup & various sandwiches. Tapas as starter or snack during the whole day!

Prices for tapas are about €5, sandwiches range from €4 to €11 and main meals vary from €12 to €19.

Hall rental

Are you looking for a venue for different functions?

We can accommodate meetings, receptions, birthdays, family gatherings, travel presentations, info moments, courses, workshops,…
Mezzanine – 1st floor
Open multi-functional area suitable for groups of up to 45 people. We can accommodate groups from 20-30 participants for intimate buffet dinners. Beamer and sound system available.
Intimo – 2nd floor
Closed off quiet area for up to 30 people. Beamer and sound system are provided. Coffee/tea and water available. 55EUR/half day – 85EUR/whole day.
Bib – 1st floor
Open accessible area for up to 10 people. Perfect for informal gatherings, Skyping the home front, travel arrangements,… free, beamer available.
Free Wi-Fi throughout the building.
Enquiries or reservations? Please e-mail us.

How to get there


Did you know that Antwerp has an actual network for city bikes? There is also a bicycle station at the start of Wolstraat! For more information, have a look at the Velo website.

If you are on the cycling network and you are between junctions 56 and 57 or 57 and 58, just take a small detour and you will find yourself in Wolstraat. We will be happy to help you on your way!

Public Transport

Of course, we would like nothing better than to see everyone use public transport to limit our ecological footprint and for you to be able to have a pint without any worries and to avoid any parking problems and the frustration that goes with it. Take the train to central station, then catch a number 24 or 11 tram towards Melkmarkt and ten minutes later you’ll be on our doorstep!

By Car

From the Ring, take exit 14. You are now on the Britse Lei which then becomes Frankrijklei. Turn left into Bourlastraat (after having driven on “the Leien” for about 1.5 km). Tram 17 also turns here. You will head straight for a statue, which you need to pass on the right-hand side. Follow this street, past the botanic gardens and the Bourlaschouwburg. Turn right at the lights.

At the Meir (wide shopping boulevard) there is another set of lights. Drive past the Meir and choose the right lane. Turn right at these lights. This is the Katelijnevest. Wolstraat is at the second set of lights on the left: you’ll see Via Via on your left from the lights. PLEASE NOTE: Wolstraat is a one-way street and you are not allowed to enter from this side SO go straight at the lights onto Minderbroedersrui. There is usually some parking available here, but if there isn’t, drive on until you get to the quay (a five-minute stroll to where we are located!).

If you’d like a preview, come in via Google Street View.

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