How to get there

Our Via Via bar/restaurant is located in Copán Ruinas, in the hills of Western-Honduras.

At only 15 min. from the Guatemalan border, Copán Ruinas is easy to reach from Guatamala.

From Guatemala-City or Antigua

Take a CAT-shuttle bus, leaving Antigua ($25) at 4 AM or Guatemala-City at 5 AM ($25). The drive to Copán takes about 6 hours.

Or by local transport (Chickenbus), Antigua – Guatemala City – Chiquimula – El Florido (border) – Copan.

This takes about 8 hours.

From San Pedro Sula

Take the direct bus Hedman Alas (3 hours) or the 2nd class local buses from Casasola Express (3,5 hours, ~ $7)

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