New ViaVia in Benin: ViaVia Grand-Popo

On the 31st of October 2021 the official launching ceremony was held to welcome ViaVia Grand-Popo in the worldwide family of ViaVia travellers Cafés. A Belgian delegation of Joker ViaVia attended the ceremony.

The ViaVia Travellers Café Grand-Popo was established together with Centre Nonvignon, an initiative of Ecobénin, an organization offering sustainable tourism and coordinating large agricultural projects with a focus on ecology and entrepreneurship. At the Centre Nonvignon, Eco-Bénin started a horeca training for young people from poorer backgrounds. These young students can put their knowledge into practice in the ViaVia café and restaurant.

The official launching ceremony was enlighted by a cultural animation of the horeca training students. They decorated the restaurant and the guests were treated to a very extensive buffet of hot and cold dishes, enjoying a fresh breeze and the sound of the ocean in the background. A lovely place for tourists and locals to come together!

In autumn 2023 ViaVia Grand Popo will officially be opened. Want to join us? Check out the Benin – Limited Edition!