Discover ViaVia Harganat in Mongolia

ViaVia Harganat joined the ViaVia community just recently. Belgian born art historian and painter Katrien created a beautiful place in the heart of Mongolië, together with her husband Bat, who grew up in the region as a young boy.

As a place rooted in rich Mongolian culture as well as wild free nature, ViaVia Harganat is a place that connects people from all over the world, in a majestic spot on this planet, where you feel the magic in the air, like it began with two people from very different cultures coming together.

A spacious wooden house, twenty modern relaxing gers with comfortable beds, a refined restaurant offering local produce with magnificent view, a round wellness center with warm showers and toilets decorated with river stones shining like gems, next to a sauna and outdoor swimming pool to refresh on hot summer days, are waiting to accomodate you.

In an area diverse in landscapes, river valley over steppe to mountain range, an extensive variety of activities is available. Horse riding, fly fishing, hiking and biking,…This timeless space is where the magic takes place. ViaVia Harganat will be officially opened with a Belgian delegation in June 2023.

Check out the Joker website for this Limited Edition trip to Mongolië with the opening party for ViaVia Harganat!