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ViaVia Addis Ababa

Namibia Street

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Exact location: In Bole Atlas, in front of 2000 Habesha, next to Roomi Burger

From the Airport

There are 2 possibilities from the airport. You can take one of the yellow taxi that are right outside the airport. These taxi are government controlled and the prices are fixed. You can take one of them for 200,- ETB (+- 8 euro). The direct description you give to the taxi is above.

The second option is the blue Lada taxi. You can find them on the parking lot of the airport. The difference with the yellow once is that the prices are negotiable. The price for a ride to the ViaVia can variate from 80,- till 200,- ETB. The directions that you give to taxi you can find above.

From the city

From anywhere in the city there are different options to get to the ViaVia.

First option is to get a contract taxi, also called a Lada taxi. These taxis will bring you to the door of ViaVia. The prices are negotiable with them and it can be a bit tricky and can overcharge you a lot.

The other option is de meter taxi from Adika. You can call them at 8210 and tell them your location and they will charge you per km.

The other option is the minibus system in Addis Ababa. The minibuses that are mostly blue and white colored can be a cheaper and more local way of transportation in Addis Ababa. On the road from Bole Brass to Kazanchis or from Kazanchis to Bole Brass you can find the ViaVia. You get out when you see us at the street.