What started out as a travelers café in Brussels grew to become a unique meeting place, that feels as if every visit is a holiday itself. You’ll never hear but one language around you and the atmosphere is always open.

Our public is a diverse mix of townsfolk and people visiting Brussels. There are travel books to inspire you for a future adventure, but the most valuable will be the tips and experiences of the people around you. Meanwhile, it is also an ideal setting for chitchat with friends over a fresh beer.

The menu also serves the ViaVia-vibe right. The not-so-typical choices always respect our planet with an extensive organic range and a spectacular homemade ginger ale. But also local specialities like the famous Zinnebir and a selection of Brussels Beer Project deserve their place at the menu.

The new location offers even more possibilities for memorable experiences and new stories. Above ViaVia Café there is an event hall and conference room, where all kind of events are possible for both profit and non-profit organizations.

The activities, travel books and board games contribute to creating fantastic moments. Thanks to the lively athmosphere you’ll be doing more than discovering Brussels, you’ll be a part of it.


Every Tuesday 8.30pm

ViaVia ♥︎ Brazil

EVEREY TUESDAY, Pedro Moura unites a number of musicians and friends around the table in the ViaVia Café to play the chorinho. A Brazilian jam-session…

From 19 january to 28 february 2017
Expo Alice van Innis

An Expo of drawings at ViaVia Café.

Come enjoy with us the 19th of January to drink something at the bar together or just come have a look until the end of february.

A selection of drawings from 2013 and more recent work – a little review of what’s happening in my workspace and mind.

My work reflects a search for beauty, a desire to design products with surprising combinations of color and form that reveal a novel joy of life, ultimately aiming to brighten up everyday life.

The manual process takes center stage. Each drawing starts in pen and ink, and might come with a specific endpoint in mind, or not. Sometimes this process gives birth to ideas that are developed into a product. At other times, the drawings just remain drawings. Because my design process relies on drawings, my hand lets me directly channel the world inside my mind.


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Individual reservations are not possible.

Reservations are possible for groups of 15 persons or more. Send an email for more information to Please mention date and hour of the reservation, the expected number of persons and your phone number. 
It is not possible to privatize ViaVia Café, nor is it possible to play your own music. 

Event hall & meeting room

ViaVia Brussels has for rent: a multifunctional event hall (max. 200 persons – accessible for the disabled) and a meeting room (max. 30 person). Soon more information…
Contact us for conditions and/or a visit:, 0472/035577.

How to get there

Quai aux Briques 74 – 1000 Brussels


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