Ghana is located on the west coast of Africa. It borders on 3 different countries namely: Côte d’Ivoire on the West side, Burkina Faso in the north and Togo on the eastern side. In the south, Ghana borders the sea, the Gulf of Guinea.

Ghana has 10 regions, but is divided into two areas by nature. In the South, the Tropical Rainforest and in the north, is the Savannah area. There are only two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season (harmattan).

Ghana was formerly called the Gold Coast and has been an English colony for many years. In 1957, Ghana became independent and had first president Kwame Nkrumah. In Ghana they have constitutional democracy, which means that parliament is elected by the people. The current president of Ghana is Nana Akufo-Addo (NPP).

The official language of Ghana is English. In addition to English, many different native languages ​​are spoken, such as the Twi, Dagbani, Ewe and Ga. In general, the inhabitants speak English well.

The majority of the inhabitants, (69%) belong to Christianity and 19% belong to Islam. The remaining 9% still belong to traditional religions.

The most traditional dish is Fufu. A ball- shaped mixture of cassava, green plantain flour which is served with soup and a piece of goat meat or fish. The food in Ghana is generally cheap. The currency is the Ghanaian cedi.

In Ghana, the people are very friendly and you are welcome as a traveler (Akwaaba).

In Ghana it is 1 hour earlier than in Belgium (In summer 2 hours).


15 february 2019 at 20h00
Movie Night

Join the very first Via Via Venture Movie Night!

We invite you to Via Via Accra on friday february 15 for an evening of comedy drinks and meeting (new) friends. The movie, Eddie Murphy in Daddy Day Care, starts at 8 p.m. and you are welcome to join at any time without an entrance fee. If you want more, please join us in the restaurant for dinner or drinks.

16 february 2019 at 11h00
Know Your Street

Join the first Via Via Venture Know Your Street!

We would love to invite you to discuss important issues concerning our neighbourhood and listen to each other suggestions and ideas to improve our community. Because taking care, starts with knowing the people you are living close to. Please join us for a free coffee, tea and cake at Via Via Accra.


We offer lunch and dinner to people who just walk in for some drinks, food and nice encounters. We are happy to serve our guests a great meal. It is also possible to organize events with us! Soon we will post our menu.

The most traditional dish is Fufu. A ball-shaped mixture of cassava, green plantain flour and water. It is often served with soup and goat meat or fish.

You are most welcome at ViaVia Accra!


The guesthouse has six rooms:

– 4 rooms with a double bed

– one family room with a double bed and one bunk bed and can take 4 people

– one room is a dormitory with 4 bunk beds and one single bed and can take 9 people. This one has a shared bathroom.

– The rates of the rooms vary from €35,- to €65,- per night (double room till family room). Breakfast is included.

– You pay for a bed in the dormitory €15,- (without breakfast, costs €4). Lockers are available.

Every room has AC, a fan and its own bathroom. Some of the rooms have a fridge. The whole house is screened against mosquitos. In the guesthouse there is free WiFi. There is a bar and a restaurant, where you can order nice drinks and food.

Check in: from 14:00 hrs. / Check out: before 12:00 hrs

If desired you can be fetched from the Airport Kotoka, Accra. This will take 20/30 min. The cost for this shuttle service is €15,- p.p. If you are with a small group (2,3 or 4) we will reduce the price of the shuttle service.

Travel tips

Stepping Stones for your travel through Ghana:

Nearby our guesthouse there is a lot to see. Step in our Toyota Highlander and we will show you around (at a charge). Or use the local taxis or the trotros (minibuses) to discover Ghana.

Beadsfactory, at the Dodowa Road, close to the Amrahia Police Barrier (20 min’s drive).

From old glass bottles they make wonderful beads made from glass powder in different colors. The people are more then happy to show and explain you the whole proces. And of course, you are invited to buy different colorful bracelets and necklaces after the tour.

Botanic Garden in Legon & Canopy walk

This botanical garden and the canopy walk is a project from the University of Ghana. You can find different species of trees in the garden and enjoy a picnic under the trees. To have a nice view over the garden and lake , take a tour on the canopy walk. It is a little bit shaky, but well constructed and safe. You must pay a fee for entering the garden and an additional amount when you want to make use of the canopy walk. Worth a visit!

Aburi Botanic Garden

In this garden, you can choose to walk with or without a guide. The guide can tell you a lot about the special trees which were planted years ago. When you enter the garden, you will be impressed by the huge Royal Palms. It is a pity that they don’t maintain the garden in such a way that it looks well taken care off.

Aburi Art & Crafts Centre

If you like to see how the woodcarvers do their work, you must have a look at this Centre. The craftsmen and women will invite you to buy some of their things. It is a colorful place and the people are friendly. You can buy different souvenirs from there, but you really must bargain for a lower price. It is a nice game doing this bargaining and don’t forget to smile and make jokes during that time. Just in front of the Art Centre you can have a drink or a Ghanaian meal.

Jamestown Café, tour door Jamestown

These days, Jamestown is one the poorer neighbourhoods of Accra – full of beautifully dishevelled colonial buildings, clapboard houses and corrugated iron shacks – but it remains vibrant. For a great view of the city and the busy and colourful fishing harbour (haze and pollution permitting), climb to the top of the whitewashed lighthouse. It is impressive to see how the people live their life here and to see the old British James Fort and the other old buildings.

Artists Alliance Gallery (La Road)

The hugely respected Ghanaian artist Ablade Glover established this renowned arts venue, which has become one of the most important of its kind in Ghana. There are three expansive floors of art displayed in cool marble galleries. Check out the full-sized coffins in the shapes of crabs, running shoes and eagles. Everything is for sale. There’s a lovely pool out the back.

Ghana is full of amazing places. We are happy to recommend you nice places and help you organize your trip!

About host

We Henk & Joa Bosch run ViaVia Accra together with our local team. During the nineties we lived and worked for over six years in Ghana, accompanied by our two children. After leaving Ghana we never could forget Ghana, because of the warm encounters with the people, through our work and through the AMO Programme. We started this AMO Programme in 1996 and we are still connected to this educational program and social enterprise. In 2017 we faced both some re-organizations at our work in the Netherlands and we decided to return to Ghana. We are impressed by the ViaVia network and we decided to start such a place in Accra.

Together with Rejoice, Grace, Adjei and the rest of our team we welcome you at our place. Feel at home!

How to get there

Our ViaVia is easy to find. Take a trotro (minibus) or taxi from Kotoka Airport or Accra Central towards Aburi. After passing the suburb Madina, you reach the suburb Adenta. Step out of the vehicle at the Filling Junction (after the Goil Filling Station) . Take the first street on your right ( Adjei Onanor Street). After 200 meters you will see the ViaVia (Logess Guest House) at your right.

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